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Admissions Online

Welcome to Crossroads Christian School and thank you for your interest.
Enrollment Fees:
$100 Application Fee
$500 Registration Fee per child
All Fees are Non-Refundable
Our online payment service provides a quick and easy way to pay your fees.
Payment Fee Options at the bottom. * You do not need a square account to make a payment.
For monthly options please set up a payment plan here:
Students are NOT considered enrolled until the CCS Office has received all documentation and all fees have been paid.
Any unpaid balance will result in termination of enrollment, and/or delay completion of course requirements. School policy prohibits the release of official school documents (i.e. diplomas, transcripts, certificates of completion, and report cards, etc.) until all accounts are resolved.
Any violation of this agreement and the Verification of Enrollment Form for the student will be reported and submitted to the State of Texas as not currently enrolled.
NOTE: CCS closes registration when enrollment reaches capacity.

How to Apply
Applying is easy using our Online Application. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents a tool for tracking online the status of their admission after their application has been submitted. A non-refundable fee must be submitted with each application.
Create an Online Application
To begin the Online Application process, Create an Account. Then log in to your account and Create A New Student Application for your child. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account and access your open application.
After submitting the application, you will be able to track online your admissions status at the school by logging in to your account. There you will be able to print the completed applications, monitor when the school receives supplemental application forms and, if necessary, reprint the supplemental forms.
Request More Information
Should you desire more information than is available on our website, please Request More Information and our Admissions Office will contact you.
We Look Forward to Meeting You
We look forward to meeting with you and hope we can answer any questions you might have. While we always hope that we will be a good fit for each and every family that applies, Crossroads Christian School reserves the right to deny admission to a student whom we determine would not benefit from the programs and services available at our campuses. The family also reserves the right to withdraw from the admissions process at any time or to have their application put on hold for up to a year.

We appreciate your interest and hope to assist you any way we can. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 361-212-3078.

Crossroads Christian School and its affiliations do not discriminate or retaliate on the basis of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, or physical or cognitive disability in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, and other school administered programs. However, Crossroads Christian School and its affiliations do reserve the right to use appropriate selection criteria for employees and students to fulfill its stated goals and objectives.



For your convenience, please use the following link to pay your fees:

Click for Square

Square accepts chip cards, Google Pay and more!

Square works with any US-issued and most internationally-issued magstripe or chip cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo.

The following card types are accepted:

  • Google Pay
  • Credit
  • Corporate
  • Debit (processed like credit)
  • Prepaid
  • Rewards

*CCS will absorb all processing fees incurred during your transaction.